Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Memo from the front, April 26

    Let every ear hear and every tongue sing the glory of the People’s Team!  From the factory floor to the academic hall, from the construction site to the accountant’s cubicle, from the restaurant kitchen to the lawyer’s office, let all know the glory of the People’s Team!


   This week, Tartan Devils Football Club continued their march of glory into the hearts of the proletariat everywhere by securing another win.  The Dynamo White football club (a deceptively revolutionary sounding name… not be confused with a team concerned with revolution) came to the home of the People’s Team – Founder’s Field – and were soundly beaten 3-nil!  Two goals from the Young Pioneer and one from the First Among Equals insured a solid win for the TDFC.


   In goal, Keeper Comrade James channeled the late Lev Yashin, swapping a black shirt for one of People’s Red.  Garnering a clean sheet, he was a wall against all onslaughts.  In front of our Dear Keeper stood a rock solid revolutionary defensive force.  TDFC’s Defensive Gang of Four brought down an iron curtain that neither sodomite nor imperialist could penetrate.



   In pure collective style, this week’s Proletariat of the Match goes to the entire Tartan Devils Football Club.  Almost every member of the team that was present played (Comrades from the bench mob included).  What is more, they played like a true team.



   A large part of the TDFC’s strength came from the crafty use of substitutes.  These directions were made by Chairman Tony and Comrade MJ.  This allowed us to, as the Dear Leader mentioned in a communiqué to the team, have something akin to a 12th man. Running the bench like a strong, Red and Black machine, direction from the Politbureau Of The Bench gave all supporters of the People’s Team something to cheer about!


    Onward!  Onward to the rising sun of glory, TDFC!  With the People behind you, surely you cannot falter in the face of revolutionary football!  We have nothing to lose but our chains!  Onward!  Onward to VICTORY!

All photo's by Jack Megaw


casualist said...

GREAT photographs! Well done, Jack!

-Eric the Red

ManUtdnumber7 said...

Great write-up. Great photos. Thanks Jack....not bad for a Chelski fan. Love the one of Dom's celebration...keeper on the floor looking dejected.

Chavista said...

GREAT JOB W. THE ARTICLE AND PIX!!! on top of the world, HAPPY MAY DAY to all!!!