Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update on the struggle, April 5

     Let every heart leap and every ear hear the clarion call of the Glorious People's Team, The Tartan Devils FC!  The Great Leap Forward started April 5, when the Glorious People's Team traveled north to the decadent hinterlands of the People's City to engage in a contest with Allegheny United.

     From the opening whistle the Glorious People's Team performed with the grace, poetry, skill and dedication of a truly revolutionary collective!  The spirit of the day was encapsulated by Comrade James in goal for the Glorious People's Team.  His performance was stellar, letting only one by in the 90 minutes of the contest.  The score line read in favor of the opposition one-nil, but the reality of the match was in the dedication and revolutionary fervor of the People's Team!

     The Glorious People's Team held their own through solidly envisioning the words of revolutionary forebears (from Billy Bonds and Bobby Moore to Ed "Chopper" Harris and Friedrich Engels) mixing the grace and precision of short passes with the passion and heart of thrilling tackles and staunch defense coupled with a solid working of dialectic materialism.

     The Glorious People's Team was on the offensive and took many shots on goal, spearheaded by The Dear Leader, and The Young Pioneer.  Many solid scoring chances were taken.  These chances will come to fruit.  All Power to THE PEOPLE!

     A New Dawn has broken.  Score lines can only say so much.  With the first match of the season in the books, the Glorious People's Team is winning.

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