Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes History Needs a Push


B-Red said...

If Number 13 insists on quoting Lenin how about “A lie told often enough becomes truth” or "One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

Simply Red Scare said...

If B-Red insists on using such strong words like "insists", then the collective has no choice but to re- educate. Records of fact don't lie when it comes to wins and losses, unless you are talking about Sex Pistols records, then it's all shenanigans, which leads into the bit about a gun, a Sex Pistol, if you will, and shooting people in the dick just isn't funny.

In short, neither quote was pertinent. Smarty.

"You have to be a bastard to make it..." Fun, that is:)

Red Bastard said...

According to Pol Pot, Ta Mok, and Mr. Smarty re-education is not required comrade, as the word “insists” intrinsically furthers the revolutionary cause. For example:

Historical precedence insists that communism is inevitable.

We the people insist that the revolution is correct in all ways

Year Zero was brought about not due to shenanigans but because the party insisted upon the change.

In conclusion you sir “insist” upon yourself which is hard to do while holding a sex pistol in one hand and your punk rocks in the other.