Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dispatch from the front, April 19

Unbreakable team of freeborn Drunks,
Great Devil squad welded forever to stand.
Created in struggle by the will of the bottle,
United and mighty, our Tartan Devil FC land!
Let this mighty anthem be sung from hilltops, factory floors and barroom stalls in honor of the Tartan Devils FC victory over the bourgeoisie of Cranberry FC!

   On April 19th Year Zero plus one, the TDFC were triumphant 2 to 1 over the invading forces of Cranberry FC. The hard fought game was a shining example of the collective at work as every Player Comrade willing, sacrificed body and dignity to earn the victory!

   Though the game had the ebb and flow of a capitalist drunk on the labor of the oppressed, the result was stellar in the end. The play of Paul "The T 34 Tank" Coen earned him "Proletariat of the Match" honors as this hero of The People put in both goals for the Tartan Devils. Both Tommy "I am willing to sacrifice my nose for three points and a pint" Butler as well as the "Minister of Street Justice", James Thompson led by example as they demonstrated the true meaning of the Sickle and the Hammered!

   The final of this epic battle encapsulates the revolutionary spirit of the collective over the decadent bourgeoisie singularity of the opposition. All glory to The People!

Photos by Jamie Dietz

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jessica said...

do you think you could make the anthem something more chant-friendly for us ladies on the bleachers? ;-)