Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dispatch from the Information Ministry, May 3

    TDFC overcame the constant whine of the capitalist machine and the reactionary play of Norwin Gold to win 2-1. The Devil Army marched on to yet another victory vanquishing their verbose opponents on the scarred field of Trafford.  Cheered on by the Marxist suggestions from the Bench Mob and the Leninist support of the People's Congress, the Tartan Devils were able to destroy the luck and spirit of the war mongering Norwinites.

    The goals of the “Young Pioneer” and the “First Among Equals” provided the needed offense and the industrious rollover of the midfield kept the ebb to defense and the flow to offense. Though these “Heroes of the Soviet” played a critical role it was the “Gang of Four” that was key to TDFC’s inevitable scientific victory. These revolutionary fullbacks who were forged in Iron . . . City Beer stopped the continuous human wave assaults of the Golden Hoard and led TDFC to triumph. No truer example of their steely resolve was the play of Seth “Stalin Head” Madjerich. This valiant comrade willing, sacrificed his head to stop what surely would have been a capitalistic goal.

    In true collective spirit all divisions worked together to insure a victory for the people, thus demonstrating to all who oppose the collective the singular mindset of true team revolution!

Photo by Jenn the Riveter

A moment of celebration for our Local Pub Heroes and the new Flat Stanley Alliance!

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