Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memo from the front, May 31

    The People's Team faced a "top of the table clash" on the artificial battlefield of Century United this week.  Playing the much lauded Iceoplex FC (a squad fallen from the graces of premier proportions and into the lap of the proles) the Glorious People chose to settle for a draw in order to allow “Fascoplex” the chance to see the error of their ways.  Seeing that TDFC mutually decided to play for the draw, KGB Co-Captain Adam called this a victory and a learning experience per general secret order number 1 from the Ministry of Education.

    The 1-1 draw exemplified the ability of the collective to predetermine the outcome of the match before hand and then see it through.  This was achieved by the play of all.  From the Gang of Four at the back (with the deceptively grey haired Dear Leader) to the Red Army midfield,  to the Bench Mob of the sidelines, the collective was in, as the youth say, full effect and the hizzy replaced with a less garish, economically viable and useful bunker.  Chairman “Tony Zedong” was, as always, monitoring and directing from his command center.  His desire to see success materializied in moments of singular thought and propaganda.  In tandem with the Chairmen, Comrade Commander MJ made sure the gears of the machine that is TDFC rotated smoothly.

     Again, the true collective spirit of the the Glorious People's team reigns over the brash and indignant individualism of the opponent!

    The Young Pioneer scored a brilliant goal from "Karl" Mac's well placed pass.  This tied the score at one after a imperialistic cross was turned into the net by the stiff winds of fascist bluster at the Glorious People's end. 

     After the match Agents of The People's Secret Police heard the decadent enemy complain at being held to a hard fought draw by The People's Team.  The Pub Stasi is thanked for this important information.  The bourgeois Iceoplex (who are an odd mix of fascists and lumpenproletariat fobs) will not get off as easy in the future.  Such disrespect of the People's Team is grounds for further re-education!  The People's victory cannot be denied!  Power to the Pub!

Comrade Jack Megaw, Ministry of Visual Communication

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