Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dispatch: Ministry of Information, September 20

Let every ear hear, let every eye see, the setting sun of fascist imperialism and the rising of the Tartan Devils Football Club, The People’s Team!

The Glorious People’s Team met with the oppositional Iceoplex, and as the late summer sun set, so did the hopes of the competition to be victorious. The TDFC had a glorious win of 2-1 on the eve.

The day started with an innocuous moment when Comrade AK Adam was stung by a counter revolutionary insect, not knowing that a page would be taken from the guerilla tactics of the little beasty. A moment to be reflected upon later in reviewing the day!

Les Orangemen de la Glace made their presence known through the constant whine of their impetuous rickety machine, marked by rough approaches on Che James, hard tackles on the Young Pioneer, and in an astounding moment (of what could be referred to as Thoughtless Crime), a stomping on a prone Mikal Baldwinovitchs' chest (banishing said unthinking ogre to the Joycamp of red card sin bin being the People's "profit"). A long march for the People's Team indeed!

The entire field played as one: The mids in rare form filling in gaps and moving precariously back and forth to offer support of both forwards and the defense, with special marking duties to boot. The young gunners of the top, relentless in their movements, attacking again and again, creating opportunity. The back line, reserved in their duty to defend, all the while knowing their business may be integral in creating a picture perfect play that starts at one end of the pitch and ends in the opponents net. Every Tartan Devil "left it on the field" (in the parlance of the contemporary athlete); from the veritable curtain of Iron Men playing the full course to the willing subs and the black eyed Bench Mob, from the multi faceted comrades filling in at numerous posts to the timely substitutions and the generals directing on field operations. Every player gave his all!

After falling behind 1-0 a tying goal came from a corner kick bent by the bees knees, Comrade AK Adam, to a glorious result off the head of Comrade Paul Pot. The game winning goal came via the sting of a quick strike that had Mikal Baldwinovitch send a cross to the diving head of the Young Pioneer (rumored to be giving Comrade Bortfield's offering a run for it's bread ration!).

The People’s Team were not shaken by the quick pace of the opposition, the duckspeak d l'orange caught in their own honey of doublethink and distress. The collective will of the People’s Team and The Party (TDFC supporters) was not bent by the decadent underestimation of our Pub Heroes! Power to the People! POWER TO THE PUB!

The Ministry of Photography in collusion with the other agencies is reviewing visual contribution to this dispatch. Photo's will be added when available. Chill out.

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