Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ministry of Records, Current, September 27

DEVILS OF THE WORLD UNITE, the revolution continues! With each game the Tartan Devils march lock step toward the ultimate goal of egalitarian socialistic conquest. In order to achieve this goal and fulfill the will of the people, it is sometimes necessary for individuals to lead the collective by example. After going down 1 - nil to the grease greedy capitalistic soldiers of Mount Lebanon, the Devils needed such a willful comrade!

The Devil who chose to answer the call of revolutionary zeal was Tommy “Sickled and Hammered” Butler who earned Proletariat of the Match. By his actions he sparked his fellow comrades to fell the season weary dogs of the pitch. Fighting for every ball and not letting the opposition counter attack Tommy help inspire and set up the tying goal. The wise man of the midfield Ho Chi Neal was the recipient of the feed from the inspired, and after an impressive burst, then sent a perfect pass to the Young Pioneer. The Young Pioneer fired by the actions of his fellow comrades buried the ball in the back of the net with the poise of a MMA librarian.

With the goal in hand TDFC came to life as both the offense and the defense played real horrorshow! The defense held strong in the latter half of the game as the newly adjusted Gang of Four supported Che in goal. Their actions in turn led the midfield to be able to feed the hungry “Popular” Front 2 balls a plenty.

Though the TDFC was not able to break the stalemate with the Mt. Lebanon running dogs they were able to serve notice to all future opponents that the "Red" Devil Army is on the march! With guidance from the Central Committee (Mao Ze-Tony, the Dear Leader, and Commissar MJ), support from The Party, and inspired “vanguard of the people” play, the only outcome is victory and the achievement of a true peaceful collectivist pitch. As always: All Hail the People, All Hail the Party, All hail TDFC!

The state sponsored visual media blackout will continue. In scandalous fashion, the Ministry Of Photography is suspected of working with enemy 'actors' and is being held under suspicion for crimes against The State, crimes against The Party, and crimes against himself.

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