Monday, February 1, 2010

History, Game 2, 2009 Season

Referencing April 19th

    Soooo, now that I've been accused of being a 'blogger' (it was said to hurt, and I am, really), we press on with the telling of things and stuff.

    This poster was one of the ones where things may be a little more understandable: a rein-visioning of an original, no vatican cover ups, no mysterious Lost agenda. A rip off. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to explain!

    Now, the deal with my 'rein-visioning'. ALL FINE AND DANDY WHEN YOU ARE THE GUY WITH THE BRIGHT IDEA! For the person who has to do the computer work, a little bit of a test. A test of patience more than anything most likely, but also a timed test! We need to get this crap up in a few days, right!? Let me tell you that TDFC6 is one of the most talented and clever people I have ever met. And to have somebody breathing down your neck in an attempt to somehow help while you click and morph and listen to this manic stream of information the whole time. TDFC6= 
It must be a labor of love. I am sincerely humbled because of her skills and we are lucky she enjoys what she does enough to donate the time she puts in. OK, less ass kissy, more talky.
    From the top! The tag line of 'Sometimes history needs a push' is a quote from the chiseled maw of Vlad Lenin himself. In a break with the Marx idea that the workers would naturally rise up revolt against their oppressors, Lenin thought that professional revolutionaries needed to be planted in their midst to be shown the way. Which then led to the whole Bolshevik thing, and that's no bullshit. Our correlation would be that through our propagation we will be instigating the notion of the TDFC revolution in a grass roots kinda way: pub, footy, people... whoo hoo! Dance party! The start of Tartan Devil history as a club. Remember this thing is supposed to still be around long after we're gone!
    This poster also introduces Founder's Field, our home pitch, home of the Pittsburgh Harlequins ( A great group of guys, but particularly Jarhead and Rosey, who have been instrumental in letting us reap the benefits of their hard work (read as: irony). Class acts with a class facility! From there, we have my infatuation with gears and cogs making an appearance, our standard color scheme, abfu, and standard mention of Piper's Pub and Murphy's (both of which will be gotten to later).

                        PITTSBURGH HARLEQUINS

    Now howsabout some clarity? The anthem that begins the game report is a paraphrasing of the Soviet Union national anthem, and understandably, not catchy, as pointed out by one of the Devils Tarts. (As a side note, there is an anthem in the works. We just have to figure a savvy way to use 'country'). 
    The oft used bourgeoisie goes like this: "Marx broke the world up into the proletariate, or workers...and the bourgeoise - or the owners. In that light, you either own everything and produce nothing...or you own nothing yet produce everything. Uncle Karl took this as ass backwards and wrote about it with Li' Freddy Engles." - TDFC18.
    Which brings us to the whole Year Zero thing. Interesting concept for sure in a what has become a very 'nothing to see here, that never happened' way that has been repeated by numerous versions of the commie world. As explained by TDFC22: "Year zero plus one refers to when Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge came to power. They believed in the words of Henry Rollins, in that you had to "break it all down in order to build it up again," so they even changed the calendar. The year they took over became year zero. I added the plus one to represent that it was TDFC's second year, even though 0 + 1 does not equal 2."
    This entry also begins the naming of a Proletariat of the Match, in this case, TDFC23, who is referred to as a T 34 tank. The T 34 was World War II Soviet Union vehicle considered by some to be the greatest tank ever.

    There was an incident this particular game where TDFC16 was on the receiving end of a veeery cowardly sucker punch in our box. His reaction was the expectation of a call. None came. The reaction of our keeper that day, TDFC17, earned him an early nickname, that being associated with the Ministry of Street Justice. It was his full intention to exact that, but reason and decorum won out. I bring this up because ministries were what the Soviets called their government departments. You will find there is license galore in ministry usage! You can trace it to 1984 by George Orwell as well, though in that context it would have been the Ministry of Peace, in doublethink terms. We'll get to more of that stuff later.

    One more first before we go! The photo's taken by an injured TDFC5 that day led to the realization that if we were to properly document the campaigns of the mighty Tartan Devils FC, a Ministry of Photography would have to be created...


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