Sunday, February 7, 2010

History, Game 3, 2009 Season

Referencing April 26th

    Good morning class! Here we are to humbly explain previous snow-jobs. Ready? Here goes... The side by side for the prop-poster will work again, cause it is an altered CLASSIC. Classic in America since 1917 and then some, but the idea was based on a series of British war recruitment posters featuring some Lord Fancy Pants in 1914. If we're gonna throw the word around, I would say those were pretty classic too. I want YOU to check it out: Pretty much put a cool head in place of the old head. The old head by the way is the artists own face, slightly modified. His name was James Montgomery Flagg (get out!).
    The easiest part may have been the lettering. Once again, manipulating the Devil was the biggest challenge. Sometimes it takes way longer than ya think. Early on, the idea was in place to warp some originals, but manipulating a 2D image takes a little doing to get it right.
    Every poster also has 'For further instruction', and then the web address. This one is fairly prominent so it may as well be mentioned. The phrase is inspired by the whole If You Are Against The Grain You Will Be Re-Educated kinda' scenario that plays out in so many totalitarian horror plots. And sometimes in real life.   

    I now give you fancy book learnin'! From the top we have a bit calling for different tax brackets to rally around the glory of the TDFC. A nice bit of thought, that all working folks are working class, "orthodox class consciousness" says TDFC18.
    Now sometimes it's necessary to take friendly jabs at the opposition. Cause it's fun. In this instance it is over the name of our opponent. Our writer:
    "Dynamo was used widely in the former Soviet Union (still a few Dynamo teams around... Kiev springs to mind). We figure, they're not down for the struggle, but they'll use the name? Weak. We have a deceptively unrevolutionary name, BUT WE BRING IT."
    The moniker bestowed upon founding member and confidant TDFC10 makes it's debut! The First Among Equals is the translation from the Latin 'primus inter pares', a phrase used to indicate seniority in a group of the same rank.
    And who the hell is Lev Yashin? Why he's just some guy who revolutionized the position in his day and is considered to be one of the best ever! He played for Dynamo Moscow and the CCCP all through 50's and 60's. And he always wore black. Like some other dude (shown not in black).
    The Tartan Devils play four flat in the back, soooo Gang of Four it is! The Marxist proto-punk/funk band from Leeds came to mind first, their inspiration being the Gang of Four that was in prominence during the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Chairman Mao coined it while warning his ex, who with the other three were later found guilty of crimes of treason, through their anti-party antics. Went to jail, released and deceased.
    Our own Chairman being spoke of is a fixture at Piper's Pub; a knowledgeable supporter present at every game on the bench, lending his wit, wisdom and insight to our proud squad. He calls 'em as he sees 'em, wrong or right, and is a guy who truly cares, a friend indeed. And he does it for free. Thank you Tony!
The others...
    Bench Mob! A remarked upon observation by TDFC19 of the sometimes riotous TDFC men awaiting deployment. Big time hearts and always talking, whoever is waiting in the wings comes in to make a difference. A 'sixth man' as it were, a basketball thing, considering the source.
    Communique' and Politbureau? Decorated terms for passing notes to the rest of the gang.
    ALOT of info for this one, so I'm gonna save the introduction of the Ministry of Photography for the next one, but let it be known, the photographs of Jack Megaw made their debut for this game!



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