Friday, February 12, 2010

History, Game 4, 2009 Season

Referencing May 3rd

    Moving on with the slightly indulgent, but highly informative, time and space consuming thing that are these here explanations, we clear the air and plow onward. At least something is being plowed around here.

    So this poster, well, it got kinda deep. It happens occasionally, so I just wanted to give you the heads up. On the surface it may be nothing overt, but hopefully you can see the clues and how it tied together in concept. I may be absolutely full of shit though too. Feel free to suggest that I am.
    To ease into it, the title of the poster insert on the blog was 'Destroy All Monsters', a 1969 US release of a Japanese Godzilla and friends flick.
    The caption on the prop-poster itself, "Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed", comes from Mao Zedong's handy dandy Little Red Book, Chapter 7, Dare to Struggle and Dare to Win. Better known as: We Don't Wanna Fight Ya, But We Will If We Gotta, You Imperialist Running Dogs. A free copy with every beating, which is what you got if you we're caught without yours. 'Required reading', get it?
    Since the quote was from Chairman Mao, it follows that the poster was inspired by one of his. Except where Mao would be centered with glorious rays emanating from him, there is a football. It just makes good sense. Instead of the adoring masses emulating him, there are smiling voodoo doll type creeps coming at you, with sickles and hammers and scythes and pitchforks and barbed wire in the rays (all of which were kinda thrown in as symbolic fluff for accent really).
    Now here's where it gets a little introspective. Maybe the news was on in the background. Maybe it was something I ate. Not sure but, who are the real monsters here? The viewer? The government that renders people unrecognizable? Circumstances that render monstrous situations? All far too deep for a damn poster! But the label at the end confirmed what it all was; In referencing a song called 'Monsters' from Florida punk band the Pink Lincolns, "People are more hideous than monsters." In some way I had thought about it a bit much, but maybe that's all it comes down to, that quote. Smile, it's over! The poster still kicks ass whichever way you look at it.

    Some highlights that may need explanation, a la TDFC22:
- "The whine of the capitalist machine is just a take on how much Norwin Gold was squawking about every play, and relating their name 'Gold', to capitalism."
- "Reactionary play was just juxtaposing reactionaries with leftists, then also tying it back into how they wanted to turn the clock back on every call that went against them, just like true reactionaries."
- TDFC15 earns a nickname! "The nickname comes from the fact that 'Stalin' means 'man of steel'. So after he took a serious knock to the head and kept playing, I thought it only fitting he should be called Stalin Head, a man with a steel head." The Stalin being referenced in name only here would be Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili, or Joseph Stalin. 'Uncle Joe' to the United States during WWII, this cult of personality type loved the Gulag penal system. He was a real douche that way. 

    It was mentioned that a little deserved to be said about the Minister of the Ministry of Photography, so here it is: If you notice a quiet Chelsea fan (THAT sounds weird) at Piper's, looking content with a bag of crisps and a pint, and you think that he's laughing at you, on the inside somehow, well, that is Jack. And I do believe he has a running commentary going on in his head. A talented young buck what who takes amazing pictures, Jack does what he can when he can and we pay him what we can, when we can. That is if it doesn't involve actual currency. We appreciate that he enjoys what he does and supports the team and the Pub, and are honored to have his help. Check him out at
    So you may notice that there are times when Jack isn't available, blowing us off to play atari or something. It kinda gets incorporated into the writing fer sher, but it also means somebody has to take something! This time it happened to be from a cell phone. The nephew of the picture taker was involved in a concept for school called the Flat Stanley Project. This venture is based on the children's story in which the character, Stanley, gets flattened by bad parenting. He goes on adventures, etc. The update is to have kids make their own Flat Stanley, go networking, and keep a journal of all the contacts. Like the KGB. So came the Flat Stanley Alliance. The tag underneath the photo gives credence to the women (embodied by 'Rosie the Riveter') working the factory's during WWII, with propaganda posters to match the enormous effort put forth by the hardworking 'Rosie's'.

    So yeah. There's some stuff for ya! Come to a game, buy our gear, visit the Pub!

Diablo numero trece del Tartan 

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