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History, Game 5, 2009 Season

Referencing May 17th
    Welcome diligent followers of good taste. The book report continues! I have to say this particular episode is one of my faves. From the poster to the writing- total package. Religious overtones and odd pop icons thrown together because we can, like Bob Ross says, do whatever we like, because, it is our world! While we're on it, you know what else Bob Ross said? "Ooooh, if you have never been to Alaska, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Sam. He said if you don't go, you're going to jail. That is how Uncle Sam asks you." Interesting guy.
    Sooo yeah, the prop-poster! How could we resist using the revered and reviled image of Ernesto "Che" Guevara? Exactly! We couldn't. I'm thinking the ease of selling his image as revolutionary fodder, bedazzled and worn by the rich and famous, has him scratching at his empty skull-sockets. And before you jump to conclusions and say, "But aren't you guys the rich and famous?" We are not. Not yet, and only as Cult Status Pub Heroes when we are.
    Back to Che, with a little help from TDFC18: "The face that launched a thousand t shirts!!! Including the undershirt of a striker for Livorono in Italy, who, when playing clubs with fascist supporters, would score and lift his jersey to reveal the face of Comrade Che beneath, just to piss off the fascists! Brilliant!"
    "Born in Aregentina, studied medicine, played footy as a keeper (both his study and player position were linked to his acute asthma), tooled around South America on a motorcycle...realized that revolution was the only way. Took up arms with Fidel and Co. to overthrow Batista in Cuba. After they settled that (to some extent!), Che decided to take the show on the road. He went into the Congo with 13 other Cubans, met up with about 100 revolutionaries there and tried to bring Socialism to the Continent of Africa. Needless to say, it didn't go well. A year later Che tried the same thing in Bolivia. That proved his undoing, as he was killed there trying to spread the revolution, one fight at a time."
    "Pop culture icon? Sure. Real deal revolutionary who would pick up arms and go to the jungle. Yes. Love him or hate him, he's both. And, it pisses off fascists when his image is used, so, that can't be bad, right!?!? RIGHT!!!"
    The quote on the poster? Yup, straight from the horses mouth.
    Now normally, we don't use any images of the other team, and when we do, it's only when they are looking stupid, doing something stupid, or have been stupefied, and that is only because we are in the shot doing something amazing. But there is no way the halo around a certain opposing comrade could be denied. That halo is real by the way. He is way nice and a good player as well (we'll protect his identity, he may not be ready for fame). The game summery was based on the photo taken during the game. And you know what? I did a little investigation and this guy is EVERYWHERE!
    The game report is a hard to pass up play on words that starts off with a mention of a Marxist-Satanic revolution. Says TDFC22: "I thought since we were playing against Jesus and we are the Devils, it was only appropriate that I combine leftist theory with Satanist practices." In between nails, crosses, Falwell(Ministry of Misinformation), Holy Hand Grenades (Monty Python), smoking(chasing the dragon) and virgins(you) there are a couple bits worth clarifying. The opiate haze mentioned refers to Karl Marx's belief that religion was the opiate of the masses; that it was used by the ruling class to manipulate the lower. A vehicle in which if the bottom obeyed the top, and didn't make waves, no matter how big the dump was that was being taken on their heads, they would be rewarded. When they were dead. Awesome! Simply, Marx believed that religion acted as a drug to sedate those who might act in a revolutionary manner.
    Then there's the blip about Opus Dei. The writer: " ... is a very conservative catholic lay organization that believes in mortification and other wacky right wing stuff." Mortification by the way, as Webster from the Ministry of Dictionary tells us is 'the subjection and denial of bodily passions and appetites by abstinence or self inflicted pain or discomfort'. A little self control instead perhaps?
    A couple more things came out of this report. TDFC8 got his nickname: Karl Mac's, an obvious play on Karl Marx. And the infamous photo was taken. The one that would be used for the the now controversial, bane of one, amusement of many... TDFC32's Fat Head. Friend him on Facebook!

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