Saturday, March 20, 2010

History, Game 7, 2009 Season

Referencing June 7th, 2009

    Allright wrestling fans! More in your face extreme blogging! Not really. We don't drink Mountain Dew.

About the propaganda poster...
    Ohhhhhh another Lenin rip off! Not the jerk from the Beatles, the jerk from Russia. The chiseled I don't know what (aura?), the intensity, the dramatic bar of light across the eyes... are they following me? More spot on diligence from TDFC6 morphing our Tartan Devil to suit!
    Now here's the deal: at this point, the season was going very well and opposing sides seemed to not share in our glory. It seemed very necessary to represent ourselves as an unwanted disease, an infiltration into the league. Using the Subhumans' (an English punk band from Warminster in Wiltshire) song 'Germ' ( for more inspiration, instead of a quote from the Vladster seemed to be the way to go.
    Real quick about Warminster: In the 60's and 70's, there weren't enough people living there to manifest visual phenomenon, so everybody just heard stuff. Weird noises. Unexplained weird noises, they called the strange aural vibes The Thing. It took the resulting swarm of ufologist to convince everybody they should be seeing unexplained things too, to go with their unexplained sounds. And they did! Sightings in the thousands over those years. There ya go, the UFO hoo-ha in a small town. No charge.
Now the writing...
    A TDFC13, 18, and 22 co-lab-er-a-shun! You got yer sideways comments, toilet humor, and truths all in one glorious package!
The Jabs:
    Epoxy was not only a comment on the strange plasticine sheen of the grass, but on the world of suburbia itself, Cranberry in this case.
    "Disruptions of strip mall proportions" while referring to the excellent play of TDFC5, also hinted at the condition of sprawl in the area.
The Potty Mouth:
    Full Frontal anything is all like, heh, heh.
    We will assume the obvious Dick's need no explanation or revisitation.
    Apologies to TDFC33 for sullying his two goal feat by referring to it as "a deuce".
    "Cleats up, lumpen proles down" is a take on the popular phrase that the kids are using these days. A real life misogynist thoughtcrime.
The Facts:
    We let up with a two goal lead. The functional and educational bit from Mao summed up the lesson and was taken from Selected Military Writings of Mao Tsetung, in a letter from the Front Committee to the Central Committee on guerilla tactics. Stay on the attack!
    Our division really is wrought with capitalists, imperialists and fascists.
    And TDFC16 really did score a goal. It went in, not over! I know!
    There! All better, just a little prick! Now that you've had your medicine you'll be able to sleep through those nasty thoughtcrimes you've been having.

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