Wednesday, March 24, 2010

History, Game 8, 2009 Season

Referencing June 17th, 2009

    The midway point. A milestone, a water mark to compare to seasons past, all one of them. Winning some, learning some, fairly awesome but weary of things to come!

    Because of our success, the paranoia took hold, figuring everyone would be gunning for us come the second half of the season, so in preliminary strike fashion, it was acknowledged BEFORE the second half even began. Take that. So the propaganda poster is indeed as simple as it looks: We are the target of the might of the league. Pure paranoia. *sigh*.
    Not to say these delusions of attack didn't come from somewhere! Here are the inspirations for comparison...

    The quote that needs little explanation and meant for inspiration, comes from Mao in a selection of works called "Serve the People", Volume III. Like all of us, he had his moments. Too bad they were offset by numerous instances of monumental "Huh? He did what?!". Extreme narcissism'll do that.  Poster= done!

    Now the bulk of this particular entry came from the plethora of nicknames that got introduced before the break. A collective effort in this match for sure! But first...

Historical blah blah blah:
    The original 5 Year Plan was the Soviet Union's attempt to rapidly develop the economy. There were more, each focusing on some aspect, the first couple focusing on industry. After the Soviets, everybody just had to have their own __ Year Plan.
    The Red Brigade is a lefty little group of terroristic boys and girls out of Italy that did most of their damage in the 70's and 80's. There might be a few still kickin' around doin' crimes. Like going to get sushi and not paying.
    Ahh, the Great Leap Forward. This was ours in an kind of happening real life little football world kinda way. But as TDFC18 points out the reality of the actual inception... "Mao believed that the communist revolution would become realized through a 'great leap forward' when the people would finally 'get' it and the owners would be toppled...OH, and he thought it'd be global, too. Nice cloud talk, but about as smart as when he decided to kill all those birds, and pests ate all the crops. Oh Mao. When will you learn?"

The nickname game explodes! A dirty dozen of devil debutantes:
    TDFC27- gets dubbed AK 47! The Soviet machine gun of choice, sturdy and reliable, but sometimes has an unpredictable misfire.
    TDFC2- add 'ski' and you have instant nobility or generic ruski!
    TDFC16- Sickled and Hammered! Pre game condition from the night before usually, a play on the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. And as we have been taught by Dutch hardcore band Colt Turkey, the hammer hits hard and the sickle cuts deep!
    TDFC23- a logical play on names with the addition of 'Pot', and nothing more than that is to be gleaned. His second nickname, if your keeping score at home!            TDFC22 (who has been the recipient of a fair amount of blunt force trauma to the dome) seems to think there is a visual resemblance between the squat, sicko deceased Cambodian leader of the Khmer Rouge, and our tall, upstanding Irish midfielder. Ehhh, you make the call. Go here and you get a Pol Pot photo with a free factoid. That guy was crazy crazy crazy.
    TDFC28- Ivan Drago. There is really no explanation. But it's funny.
    TDFC5- The Ministry of Housing! It's, like, what he does. For real.
    TDFC32- The Ministry of Virtue? Autonomous doublethink, plain and simple.
    TDFC29- Commisar of Kommissars to our club! Yes it is what you think it is.
    TDFC4- the mighty use of artistic license and legend along with some ruski style retro fitting, and you get Mikhail Baldwinovich! And that's a tall order.
    TDFC18- The Red! Always has been, always will be. Respek.
    TDFC21- his obsession with A.C. Milan spawned the russianized alteration of Antonio Gramsci, to Gramski, but still alludes to the Italian Marxist intellectual who butted heads with the fascists of his time.
    TDFC19- given the byname of a KGB Agent due to his 'jobs' of doing 'nothing really' in the middle of 'nowhere'. Like a spy.
Alright. Decompress. Full brain. Be champions!

Diavolo numero tredici del Tartan
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