Wednesday, April 7, 2010


  So we've covered the history of half of last season, in fairly quick fashion, and it's filled in some off time nicely. 2010 season starts soon. With these things in mind, we're going to continue to use the explanations of last year to fill in the gaps as we go (off weeks, the break between the spring and fall session), to keep a little bit of continuity.
    The entity known as the Simply Red Scare Collective will keep the machine moving with the propaganda style game reports, and there may be a twist involved here and there as far as that blather is concerned. Short attention spans, ya know? As far as game posters go, regretfully, there won't be one for every game. There will be one for the first half and second half of the campaign, a hand screened print available at the end of each. Not quite sure if there will be any teaser to pique interest yet. Maybe a piece by piece reveal or some crap like that! 
    I don't wanna get into how we look going into Sundays or how the roster has changed or anything like that. We'll leave that for whatever. I will say this much: we go out, we play hard, we have a laugh usually at our expense, we win. Always. Oh oh oh... and we have booze after. Always. 
    All game announcements will be through the ol' facebook thingy if nothing else! Look out for summer merch from the facebook thingy merch page too! Yahtzee!

    Nothing much else to say except, GIVE 'EM HELL DEVILS!!!