Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latent reports from the quest to unite the masses, April's 18 and 25

Due to an uncalled for assault upon the communication lines of our collective, recent communiqué have been disrupted. Suspected infiltration from forces that would squeeze the life from the workers resolve have positioned themselves to dampen the words of the People! Through countermeasures of our own, we have recaptured the intended missives, if only scraps, of the whole. The Ministry of Information and Reporting along with the Ministry of Photography under the Simply Red Collective will continue to strive to give the People the enlightenment they deserve and will not be dissuaded by the actions of imperialist scum! Onward!

Regarding April 18th, 2010:
All hail the glorious People's Team, the Tartan Devils Football Club! The 2010 season started as it has for years, against the Opus and the Dei, the whining zealot laden side of Allegheny United. At the field of Our Founders, TDFC fought valiantly, fought hard, and fought strong. The score line, much like Judas, betrays the revolutionary truth behind the day. The final breath left the score at 3-2 to the invading missionaries, but does not tell of the passion behind the play of the Devils!
It is unclear the way of the tallies for the day, due to the compromised nature of the report, but know this: the People and the Party were proud to behold the First Among Equals and the Young Pioneer working toward communal objectives for the kingdom, the power, and the glory of the nation of Tartan Devils! Photographic evidence from the contest was all but lost, save this image that the Ministry of Science has yet to authenticate.

Regarding April 25th, 2010:
After traveling far, far, far, into the dirty south, the People's Team came out clean against the new jack adversary of North Franklin! The skies opened up before the contest and immediately after, but the game was dry; a rumored alliance with John Travolta and talk of weather machine technology have been unsubstantiated.
Fragments of the report suggest that strong middle play by Paul "Pot" Coen and Jamie "Ministry of Housing" Deitz leading the way, and indeed getting the deed transferred back to him as he moved the twine of the oppositions net with a worm burner that was not be touched by foe.
New additions to the TDFC offered to share in the wealth as well, with John "Lenin" Andrews tenaciously following up his own attempts to nudge in a marker, and Ben "Turk 182" Atabek showing parade worthy might to add a third goal.
The 3- nil win would not have be upheld if it weren't for the efforts of all, including the smart rotation of worthy soldiers from the sideline. Bits of recovered information tell of an aggressive Gang of Four and both keepers doing the way of defense proud, as is reflected by the final score. Glory to The Party that was on hand to flank the opposition in support of Tartan Devils all!
Photographic evidence of the day, in a display of cunning and covert action by the The Ministry of Photography, sent one Tracy Brown to use her savvy to get through the enemy blockade and sabotage attempts to intercept media!

Power to the Pub!