Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dispatch: Ministry of Information, June 13

    Let every ear hear of the glory of the People’s Team, the Pub Heroes, The Tartan Devils Football Club!  Battling against old foes Peter’s TWP, the People’s Team were victorious, chalking up a 2 - 1 win on the day!  Much like the clouds in the sky, heavy with humidity; an oppressive and sad attempt by the Nation of Scientology to align itself with a hoosegow heavy. The Tartan Devils were instead themselves a Red and Black Storm rising to squelch the opposition!  It has been said:  BE WARNED!  The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our football!  No truthier words have been spoken.  On the day, the despotism of the foe, their decadent Enron-esque Peters Township ways, were on display for all to see.
    An early goal for the opposition set up a mountain for the TDFC to scale.  And scale it they did!  The answer to the encroachment by the opposition came in the form of a brilliant cross by first year student Comrade Jeremy from the Ministry of Judgement.  The thought of the inevitable along with the pressure and commitment by the TDFC front line, spearheaded by the Young Pioneer, led to the keeper throwing the ball into his own net to avoid the crippling onslaught.  An amazing display of collective suggestion if ever there was! 2+2=5 is not a theory, but truth!
    Holding the draw might have been enough, given the history of dealing with the opposition (not to mention their goals for ratio), but the TDFC was not content to sit back, fold in and only defend.  In addition to solid defense, as masterminded by Kommisar MJ (shifting TDFC back to a 4 – 4 – 2 set up), experimentation has commenced on the Turk-Irish connection at the top between Comrades Ben "Turk 182" and Paul Pot.  Intense pressure from the Hammered and Sickled Tommy, along with Comrade "Iron head" Seth (Minister of Nuclear Power) added to the mix.  With “Karl" Mac's midfield general-ship, the TDFC tapped into the mantra of our Dutch comrades who gleefully sing “B.U.R.T.”:  Build Up Resistance Together!
    The final judgement on the day came through the tenacity and determination of the Young Pioneer!  As was their mistake from the opening whistle, the foes on the Field of Our Founders miscalculated the desire of all behind the force of one to overcome the repression of our taskmasters!  A clever flick and a lightning strike made for the winning score on the day.
    This match was a dazzling example of the revolutionary methodology of the People’s Club.  Every Devil gave their best, from each according to their ability to the collective need!  Fly the Red and Black flag of revolutionary Victory for the People’s Team: The Tartan Devils Football Club!  Power to the People, Power to the Pub!  Futball for the Pub, Futball for the People, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE’S PUB!

All photo's by Tracy Brown, Ministry of Photography, Bunker Division

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