Sunday, August 15, 2010

History, Game 9, 2009 Season

Referencing August 23rd, 2009

    Hello! I didn't forget about ya'! I've just been busy staying mentally sharp and physically fit, to bring the words of others and sustain the constant crush of clever to the stage that is this here blog! We've got till the end of this year to get last year explained, I figure. No real time schedule beyond that, and we'll do something else to take up the off seasons next year instead of boring history lessons. But for now, let's get you educated!

    As always, the prop-poster first, or, thuh aaahrt dahling, thee aahrt! Inspired by a country that didn't/doesn't like the U.S. (who knows, we may be friends now). No not really, it's North Korea!  The footprint of the capitalist shoe, leaving it's mark of death, bondage and destruction, was easily translated by the skillful TDFC6 to the cleated image of yours truly to herald the start of the second half of the season with hopes of leaving our mark and monkey wrenching (there is a wrench in the cleat-print) our division.
    Speaking of marks: There are a few things going on concerning that there word. The play on words with "Marx" of the Devils and the cleat-print, brainy yes, but pretty obvious. The Marx of the Devils reminds us of Mark of the Devil, and hell, then you land right on top of the 1970 German horror flick by the same name about some bastard witch finders. Kinda ties into the bastard capitalist idea from the original commie poster. Or maybe not, your choice. Moving on with the religious tie in though, brings us to the barcode on the shoe. Which as we've heard at some point in our lives, is actually considered THE mark of the Devil in some religious corners. For our purposes though, the barcode relation in this venue is more along the lines of the dystopian writings we touch on. Evil to some all the same in one form or another, but, I haven't given it much thought. Really.
    Boom! goes the game. That may be the most exciting bit, the written 'boom'. Not a lot of factoids in this one and we can thank the game itself for that- it was a pretty slow day at the office. Plus, the history guys took the week off to do some more fancy book learning or something, so it was up to the creative drivel machine to spew the facts as "Red" TDFC would have them. So the explanation is that there really isn't much of one! It's pretty straight forward. I take that back, there was one thing that one might not get: TDFC10 is from Ipswich, our opposition wore the colors of their rivals, Norwich City FC. It actually was like kryptonite to him. His recent surgery may be related to this initial trauma.
    Also, it is the absence of our regular photographer for this and future matches that led to the side story concerning his 'misdeeds' in future blogs. He is a rogue and a rebel. Like Sarah Palin. But with a real job. Well sometimes, but only when we needed him.