Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dispatch from the Fire Pit, RE: July 10, July 17

23's YOUNG ONES, JULY 10th:
    The high hinterheights of Plum Mountain begat the struggle against the sun stained royalty of the region.  The dry and arid playing surface purposefully set high upon a hilltop in order to wear down opponents and be as one with their bright, orb of a deity.  An opiate of the pruned masses indeed!
    The Young guns of the Pub brought their bench, and through smart rotation and hydration were able to beat back the purple crush of imperialism! The scoring was opened by opportunistic zip code management as Eric "Left Wing" Buhman was in the area to assume credit for the goal.  The next came from a Travis "Ministry of the Interior" MacKenzie header, who then proceeded to tally two more towards the collective cause.  Then Greg "Youth Brigade" Annan then added a score in the waning moments of the pompous empires' sun, essentially beheading the monarchial aspirations of domination, the final 5-2 baked into the record books.
     Let it be known that although others in this missive were named in the goal scoring Ledger of Equals, all tallies will be attributed to Eric "Broken Left Wing" Buhman in recognition of his zeal to show others the true meaning of collective effort and initiate Operation Mr. Mister!  While his rations will stay the same, the masses will sing songs of praise!

23's YOUNG ONES, JULY 17th:    
    The contentious heat did little to cool the old wounds from prior events before the TDFC 2.3's came into true being in their Year Zero.  Before their assimilation into the Nation of TDFC, some history books make mention of a proletariat firm known as Breadworks.  While this can neither be confirmed nor denied by the collective, it is accepted that they were allies in the struggle to stamp out the gutter dogs of imperialism and their ilk.
    It seems the Oak Avalon army remembered their foes regardless of what flag being flown.  Hard tackles and a short bench for both sides brought the fight to a mouth breathing standstill by the end of the day, a 1-1 draw the result.  The Tartan Devils lads own Dear Leader, Dan "Generalissimo" Morton notching the score off of a rebound from a smart free kick from Derek "The Elder Equal" MacKenzie!  In a show of grudging respect and to set the stage for a future meeting, the opposition was allowed to tie the game.
    While little is known about the northern foes of OA, besides the existence of a splinter group based on pattied meat, the Tartan Devils will be strong in their defense of suspected history and trophy! The Pub is Bond!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dispatch: Ministry of Information, RE: June 26

23's Young Ones, June 26:
    All hail the Tartan Devils Football Club!  The youth is getting restless, their revolutionary football proof of the cause!
    The TDFC 2.3's invaded the grey industrial complex of Montour, only to find a barbed wire Cretan maze awaiting their entrance, a ploy it seems by the short sided foes of the hinterlands to the east.  It seems Comrades Discharge would say it best as the opposition attempted to Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing-  given the logistical pitch plight- a corrupt policy to be sure!  The transgression would be realized by the absent overseers of the down side, as a 9-0 drubbing ensued.  A reminder to facilitate camaraderie in the future!
    Distribution and resource were spread across the board as the Devils helped the needs of all! The line: Minister of Telecommunications Coulson, 2 goals.  Minister of the Interior, 2 goals. Minister of Plenty Sochacki, 2 goals.  B. 'Bunting' Bartek, 1 goal.  Comrade KMFDM McKamish, 1 goal.  Minister of Correct Thought, 1 goal.
    The result will be recorded as it would have been odds on!  The might and glorious methods of the TDFC will perpetuate and absorption is inevitable!  Glory to Devils all!  Glory to the Pub!  

Dispatch: Ministry of Informational Learning Facilities, RE: June 18, 19

40's Old Boys, June 18:
    While a few CTU wore the Black Flag of disruptive qualities well, the gandy dancers of an over privileged side proved nimble enough to dance through the opiates of untruth, Great Pumpkinism and Refereeism.  Commonism in it's most common, not communal, form.  The Stepford Plains proved difficult to rally on; an unfortunate tithe was placed on the proles of our time!
    The baying dogs of Graham Park were properly kowtowed when Karl Mac's vision led to The Big German's understanding and a 1-nil lead was had.  A predisposed inclination to interpret the successes of the working class as inflammatory and dangerous had the expected outcome, as the bourgeoisie disavowed the hard work done by TDFC and waged a war using only their tears.  The scales of levity then tipped through an erroneous call on a righteous goal.  The weight of oppression too much to bare, the final outcome a farce; Just another skewed day in the epoxy based land of the strip mall! Bloodied but Unbowed, there will be a Redemption Song ringing in the ears of our generous hosts... !

23's Young Ones, June 19:
    It seems that dastardly Duckspeak is not limited to the Proper's and Old Boys, as the Young Ones had to filter through such counter-revolutionary psychobabble on their way to a 4-2 victory for the masses!
    The aged emperor captain of the bourgeoisie came masquerading in his finest nothingness, eager to show that he was anything but unfit for the job.  The clear minded 2.3's saw through the sham and unable to put up with the pretense, continued their assault on  materialism until the battered ideals of a naked king lay in ruins, a PK by his own fabrication as the bell tolled.
    Goals by the Minister of the Interior and the first on the year by the Annan Youth Brigade added to the strikes by the First Among Karl Mac's Equals, Derek the Elder!  Hail to the Youngers of the Pub, Glory to TDFC!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ministry of Informational Dispatch, RE: June 11

40's Old Boys:    
    The pock marked, multi-terrain question mark known as Trafford ominously beckoned as the seasons first meeting of a less than united Eastern Europe United and TDFC 4.0 came to pass.
    EEU brought Cold War tactics and faulty ideals, while the Glorious Heroes of the Pub brought a better brand of collectivism and stockpiled goals, not bombs!
    Agent 19 limited himself to only a couple marks on the day, redirecting a Knotts G. Batterski header into the twine and then finishing a smart lead from the Committee of Medicines' Room 101 Division.  The Big German sent shock and awe through the collective after sending home a powerful strike with help from the Minister of Defense.  The Bully Boys in stripes finally acknowledged the oppressive tactics of the EEU, leaving the Ministry of Martyrs to round out the days scoring with a Little Red Book example of PK finishing.
    The polit bureau has deemed further encounters appropriate to introduce the Newspeak necessary to address the oppression and urban decay EEU is experiencing through Trafford's Ministry of Plenty. May the Glory of Tartan Devils FC shine on all!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

All Fronts Dispatch: RE: June 4, 5

40's Old Boys, June 4th:
    After many moons away from the safety of the level playing Field of Our Founders, the invasion of So Called 1966 came and went, but not without leaving behind information valuable to future events.
    Cohesiveness was not in question as Agent 19 directed a cross from the Ministry of Health to the back of the net to rally the start of the day! Unluckily, the limited volley of return fire in the form of guided missiles served as answer enough to disrupt the lines of communicado amongst the baffled battalion of Pub Heroes.  Bloodied but unbowed, the fight took on the revolutionary stance of singular reconnaissance and intelligence gathering!  The knowledge gained will be assimilated, notice and reckoning will be served, and the mission completed.

30's Proper, June 5th:
    The Pub Heroes of the Revolutionary Force not of Navarone, but of the South Side have always held that the wilds of Trafford would present adverse conditions; From shank wielding meth-head lumpens under the bridge, shin deep chemical muck on the pitch, or even having the local dictator save the best of the worst pitches for "the kids"- who looked suspiciously like 60 year olds*.  The most recent match being no different in the litany of dissident charges against the state, the new foe being dust bowl conditions: From the sand traps on the wings to the cinders and dirt clogging the lung pits of the TDFC, one almost expected to see Comrade Woody Guthrie standing on the sidelines playing a collection of Dust Bowl Ballads for the crowd.
    Despite these shameful conditions, the mighty numbers of Devil's toppled the rivals of EEU 3-nil! Goals from the The Hawk (no relation to The Jackal), The Young Upstart and The Goldsmith brought about the pre-determined result.  Helping plow the tallies on the day were Ho Chi Neil, Stalin Head Seth, and Tommy Sickled and Hammered. The heat was intense on the day, but not as dismantling as the calm, cool class of our finest proxies from the Nation of TDFC!  LONG LIVE THE PUB!
Photo by Special Ops Jag Officer Shubert
*The Ministry of WTF has declared that this must be to 'the fracking'.

23's Young Ones, June 5th:
    The calm nothingness of the day belied the further lack of tension between the Young Ones Brigade and the mannequined masses from behind the grey walls of an institution that has stolen their moxy and sucked dry their will to perform above a measured disposition... but a 3-2 victory was the outcome nonetheless for the Pub Heroes of TDFC, resisting the pull of the Prozac Nation before them!
    The score box was raided quickly by Derek the Elder Equal, as he took the teachings of collectiveness and for the good of all, scored off of the oppositions tactical error of Enronesque proportions!  Comrade Corstenkov took a pass from the Ministry of Correct Thought and recorded the first goalie nutmeg in the history of the Beautiful Game!  All glory to the might of the People!  An impromptu alliance with the Keepers Wish Foundation granted General Varga the opportunity to live his dreams as a striker in the second half.  The ensuing chaos resulted in what would have been an assist for the net minder, but instead led to the game winning goal from a PK taken by the aforementioned Elder of Equals of the Mac Ministry.
    Pub Stasi has reported that in a show of corporate sportsmanship, the losing team of Internationals put in their bid to buy the next games win, stating that they are 'owed'.  Nani nani boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.  Glory to the Pub!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dispatch: RE: May 21, May 22

40's Old Boys, May 21st:
          On a rare spring day, the mighty Old Guard of the TDFC Collective invaded the sun baked steppes of Harmarville to take on the well-to-do dandies of Fox Chapel FC.  TDFC 4.0 used a three prong attack consisting of all lines of their formation to down the capitalist fancy lads 3-0.
    The defense held true, strong, and free against the sporadic advances.  The Minister of Virtue, the Minister of Benevolence, Iron Curtain Chris, and Killy stymied every chance taken by the opposition. So good was the back line, that when opportunity arose, the Minister of Benevolence was given the freedom to score, with help from one covert Agent 19!
    Not to be outdone, the midfield, while supporting the defense, also continued to attack with the front line.  KGB played an inspired game, as an unnamed muse cheered him on.  The oft mending Minister of Housing and, therefore, Reconstruction, delivered a heroic effort.  Playing through pain and foe, he tickled the twine, the assist from Alpha One Niner again!  Both November 17 and the Minister of Health played revolutionary football as they prowled the wings, keeping control.
    The front line embraced the Marxist theory of "Shoot At the Net and the Chains of Oppression Shall Be Broken", as they sent balls resembling Katyusha Rockets of old.  After a day of wealth distribution, Agent 19 furthered his equality by scoring, a reciprocating helper from the Minister of Housing and Reconstruction.  Sub Comandante Raul Zapata and the Minister of Martyrs pressed the day as well up top, the enemy dogs never allowed to let their guard down.
    A glorious day for the grizzled stalwarts behind enemy lines! Hail to thee, hail to thee, hail to thee!

30's Proper, May 22nd:
    The strange orb in the sky brought with it confusing heat, as the Great Jersey Debate almost became a tale of shirts and skins, but it was the most difficult part of the day; the perseverance of the TDFC Propers through humidity induced off sides, off passes, and off shots won the day 3-0!
    The kowtowed lackey's of a corrupt system brought their best, and through trickery and the compassion of the snarling overseers in yellow, kept it close, although the game was played around them most of the day.
    The defense held fast with a few self imposed trials thrown in for excitement, a clean sheet for one Minister of Street Justice left to his own solitude and devices for most of the day. Idle hands indeed!
    The eager mids in between smart volleys and aggressively won flighted balls, took the time to test each other, giving an expose on communication for the Devils Advocates on the sideline!
    A predetermined proletariat barter agreement between the Young Pioneer and the Young Upstart produced the first two goals, each with the other assisting.  The Young Pioneer added the third with a Paul Pot helper, to put any of the oppositions bankrupt theories of comeback safely to rest!  And boom goes the dynamite.

Photo's by Special Ops Jag Officer Schubert 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ministry of General Branding Information, RE: May 15

30's Proper, May 15th:
    While the Cruise-esque monkey wrench was taken to the righteous readiness of the Old Boys in the form of oppositional number faultiness; and the Young Ones steadfast, but at the mercy of evil land barons, the Propers were able to represent the Peoples Nation of TDFC in fine fashion, taking to the pitch proudly indifferent to the waning energy and perpetual Tom-foolery of scientology's wet weather mechanism.
    The foe, a so called FC Unt.©, whose generic moniker and off-brand potato chips belied the uninspired effort draped in black and white.  Comrade Adam AK-47 mowed down the competition early, as is tradition, unfortunately the counter-revolutionary officiating dictated a PK on the play.  Up 1-0, the generics© proceeded to leave acres of wing space for many a crossed ball into the center.  The Young Pioneer converted three of these opportunities from open play, his first ushanka-trick of the season!  Tommy Sickled and Hammered put in one more- a scrappy, bar room brawl, beautifully ugly rebound!  Helpers on the goals were from the Ministry of Street Justice, the Goldsmith, and the aforementioned smokeless Tommy S&H.
    No amount of duck speak from the opposition about Pub Hero placement or pot stirring on corners could make the difference as, through the downpour, the sun did shine on the Tartan Devils FC! All Hail the Pub!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Ministry of Information Dispatch RE: May 14, May 15

40's Old Boys, May 14th:
    TDFC 4.0 traveled to the feudal hinterlands to do battle against the imperial, less than stout, Straub MVU.  Unfortunately, the day was not to go the way of the Methuselah Bolsheviks, as they suffered their first setback.  After controlling much of the action through the short passing game and ball control, the arsenal of communism fell victim to the light cleated antics of SMVU'S Greg Louganis.  The dive resulted in a goal that had head shaking worthy of disability.  Counter revolutionary wealth distribution ensued as the Politburo momentarily lost it's senses and a second gift was given to the imperial fops.
    Never ones to surrender, TDFC 4.0 fought back as Agent 19 used his powers of disguise, and for a brief moment, looked like a graying Messi as he powered a goal into the back of the net for the good of all.  As hope seemed to be diminishing the strong play of TDFC's primary ideologue had Big Brother point to the penalty spot.  But alas, Karl Mac's teaching failed to put the dagger of finality into the heart of the imperialist state.
    The burdon of the final is not on the Pub Heroes of the sunset, but rather rests on the shoulders of the oppressors as retribution will have it's day and the echoes of lamentation shall be heard throughout the valley! 

23's Young Ones, May 15th:
    The Young Ones, the pioneers of the TDFC future, took to the field of Century to wage their first campaign, on the unsuspecting invaders amassed from three boroughs.  The 'Tri Boro Alliance' did nothing but to fan the flames of resolve in the revolutionary hearts of the Young Devils!
    Karl Mac's guidance and tutelage taught the Mac Lads well as they contributed to the cause, a virtual 'Mac Trick'; the strong midfield and smart defense providing many opportunities along with a stellar save by the Hound of Baskerville.  Comrade Garrete from the Ministry of Correct Thought assisted his brother in arms, Travis, Ministry of the Interior, who sent one in on a wire.  B. 'Bunting' Bartek then proved the distribution of wealth theory by assisting Derek the Elder, who was just warming up, as he launched a second missile of grievous bodily harm minutes later with help from Comrade Strosser.  The 3-0 win is indeed a reminder to all despots and harmful alliances!  BE WARNED!  The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our football!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Dispatch: Ministry of Information RE: Apr. 30, May 1

40's Old Boys, April 30th:
    The drone of electricity wires and hinterland stalwart desperation hung in air alongside the rotting carcasses of mercantilistic ventures on a day where the calvary arrived not too late, but just in time to give respite to the brave field of the TDFC Old Boys division!  The reinvigorating presence of calming comrades resulted in a well worked goal by the Red Benevolence from a throw in by Carlo Bandiera Rossa, deep in enemy real estate!
    Regrettably, the local lap dogs of the broken system chose turn a blind eye to atrocities committed in the waning minutes of the match!  Apparently the power to obscure rests literally in the hands of a keeper outside the boundaries of his rich acreage.  Lo! The heads of all are held high, whilst seething a 1-1 draw!  A real reign will come down upon the shuttered heads of the oblivious!  All Glory to the Devils of Tartan!

30's Proper, May 1st:
    May Day!  A new fire is lit for the hard workers of the Tartan Devils 30's!  And this day was no different in that regard as the forces of good shared the wealth of round ball distribution with it's many components of the squad. 
    The Nor-witchian color scheme of the kryptonic foes and the fickle way of a Jupiterian  forecaster bonded together to bring the Pub Heroes to the unsatisfying conclusion of a 3-2 setback of minor proportions, though the evasive quality of time was controlled by the Devils throughout the day.
    The clever grind of forwards led to the Young Upstart assisting the Young Pioneer on both tallies!  The support of all line brigades and Red Book instruction from the sideline lends to the clear path of Glory that is and always will be TDFC!
Photo by Jag Schubert, Ministry of Special Ops

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Field Reports RE: Apr. 16 & 17

40's OLD BOYS, Apr. 16:
    Look-a-yonder and all hail!  The big black cloud did come to Founder's!  The conditions may have been muddled but necessity dictated the day play out in the proudly rooted grass of the brave pitch!
    The folly of nature's insidious Tupelo, not the efforts of plutocratic foe, nearly removed a sure win from the grasp of the stoic Old Boys division, having gone up three nil off of goals from the Peoples Martyr, Knotts G. Batterski, and Aaron "You Ain't So Hairy Jerry" Ruben.  With not but a minute to spare, the game winner came from a Glorious run made by Aaron "I Ain't No Jerry" Ruben, unselfishly fed from a comrade who chose to stay anonymous in the spirit of sharing for the common good!  All Glory to Pub Heroes one and all as distant thunder rumble and black rain come down*!

30's PROPER, Apr. 17:
    The land of banjos and road kill called, and Appalachia IS beautiful this time of year. Kudos to the foe for having a 3rd backup field, but no kudos for being the rural imperialist stooges of a broken colonialist system whose incessant tough guy posturing belied their weakness at the back, allowing the Young Pioneer, Paul Pot and the Brazilian Operative goals! 3-1 to the TDFC! Soggy pitch or not, near or far, from the More-lans of the West, from the tenement slums of Trafford, to the rolling rural foothills of the Laurel Highlands just down the road “a-piece” from what we could only best imagine as “Meths-berg, Pennsyltucky,” the TDFC Empire grows!
Photo by: Jag Schubert
TDFC Special Ops

*Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Report From the Trench, RE: Apr. 10

    The miserable tar of the battlefield managed to manifest the sulfur smell of muddy hell to go along with it's miserable state on a day where pleasantness hung in the air, but far above the troops of the TDFC 30's.
    The final of 1-0 belies future outcomes against the haphazard mongrel yips of an outmatched foe that calls misery home.  After managing possession for most of the day, The Young Upstart was able to wedge the ball of destiny out of the miserable muck, assisted only by the will of The People, and plant it in the net.  A flower now grows in Trafford.
Photo by Jenny the Riveter;
Ministry of Photography
and Future Generations. 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Midnight Missive, RE: Apr. 3

    The 30's Division of the Nation of TDFC took the initiative to strike first and strike hard on what will be a campaign like no other in the young history of our fine union.  The assault of a league has begun.
    A grey day turned ugly as a contest was shortened by the insidiousness of a scientology weather machine, but no matter as the unleveled playing field bore the brunt of an adjustment minded squad moving as one up and down the bumpy pitch.
    The list of heroes is long on the tally sheet with contributions from WMB Baldwinovich (2), The Young Upstart (2), The Young Pioneer, and the Goldsmith.  Helping assists in the 6- nil win came from Dear Leader and Wayne-ski.
    Refreshed, calm and strong is the way of the 30's, with rewritten histories and fictional past*, the mission simple.


*New Model Army     

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Field Links & Standings Links

Here, be autonomous!
For Founders Field
For Old Trafford
For Turner Valley Fields
For Washington Fields
For Graham Park Fields
For Century Field
Google Maps link

Also, to keep track of the tables and race for the Golden Boot...
Tartan Devils Old Boys (40's) Over 40's standings
Tartan Devils Proper (30's) Over 30's standings
Tartan Devils Young Ones (O23 Open League) O23 Open League standings

TDFC thanks everyone for their support in all of it's forms!!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Schedules for all TDFC teams!

TDFC "Young Ones" 
The 23's 2011 Schedule
May 8, home v TriBoro, Century, 4pm
3-0 WIN
May 15, home v FC Brah (Seton), TBD, TBD
May 22, home v Olympia SC, TBD, TBD
Jun 5, home v Internationals FC, RMU Island Sports Field, 1:30
3-2 WIN
Jun 19, away v Sewickley, Sewickley Field, 5pm
4-2 WIN
Jun 26, home v Montour, Lower Burkett Field (Montour), 6PM
9-0 WIN
Jul 10, away v Plum Mustangs, Larry Mills Park, 2PM
5-2 WIN
Jul 17, away v Oak Avalon, RMU Island Sports Field, 2PM
1-1 DRAW
Jul 23, home v FC Brah, Century, 1pm
4-0 WIN
Jul 24, home v Olympia SC, Century Field, 5PM
4-2 WIN
Jul 30,  PLAYOFFS, v FC Brah, Graham Park, 12pm
4-0 WIN
Jul 31 FINAL, v OAk Avalon, Graham Park, 12pm
3-2 loss

TDFC "Proper"
The 30's 2011 Schedule
Apr 3, away v Westmoreland, Turner Valley field #9, 5pm
6-0 WIN
Apr 10, away v EEU, Old Trafford field #2, 1pm
1-0 WIN
Apr 17, away v N. Franklin, FIELD CHANGE! Carson's Bottom Fields (Mc Guffey Youth), 5pm
3-1 WIN
May 1, home v Heidleberg, Founders Field, 5pm
May 15, home v FC United, Founders Field, 4pm
4-1 WIN
May 22, home v Westmoreland, Founders Field, 6pm
3-0 WIN
Jun 5, away v EEU, Old Trafford field #3, 1pm
3-0 WIN
Aug 21, away v Nikola Tesla, TBA, TBA
3-0 WIN, Tesla forfeit
Aug 28, home v EEU, Founders Field, 1pm
7-1 WIN
Sep 11, home v N. Franklin, Founders Field, 3pm
1-1 draw
Sep 18, home v FC United, Founders, 1pm
3-1 WIN
Sep 25, home v Westmoreland United, Founders, 5pm
11-0 WIN
Oct 2, away v Ohio Valley FC, Sewickley, 5pm
6-1 WIN
Oct 9, away v Heidleberg, Chartiers Valley Inter, 4pm
5-2 WIN

PLAYOFFS (round robin)
October 23rd- Round 1- v Westmoreland, N. Boundary Field, 11am

3-0 WIN
November 6th- Round 2- v Nikola Tesla, N. Boundary Field, 1pm

November 6th- Round 3
November 13th- Finals

SRSC says:  The information that formerly presented the 30's in First Division was planted by the contradictory beliefs of the organization known as PAWEST in collusion with the baying dogs of Allegheny United.  Because of their Thoughtcrime, they will not be sent to Room 101 as is procedure, but instead will be forced to deal with the decimation of the reality in their own heads.
    The Mighty Devils 30's are in Second Division and have always been in Second Division...
    "Who controls the past... controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

TDFC "Old Boys"
The 40's 2011 Schedule
Apr 9, away v EEU, Trafford field #2, 5pm
Apr 16, home v N. United, Founders Field, 2pm
4-3 WIN
Apr 30, away v Seneca Valley, Seneca Valley HS, 4pm
1-1 DRAW
May 7, away v Straub MVU, Round Hill Park, 6pm
May 14, home v CT United, Founders Field, 2pm
May 21, away v Fox Chapel, Harmarville, 5:45pm
3-0 WIN
Jun 4, home v SC1966, Founders Field, 6pm
3-1 LOSS
Jun 11, away v EEU (make up re:Apr 9), Trafford, 5pm
4-2 WIN
Jun 18, home v CT United (make up re:May 14), Graham Park, 6pm
3-1 LOSS
Aug 21, away, v EEU, Trafford, 5pm
4-2 WIN
Aug 27, home v Harmarville, Founders Field, 4pm
3-3 draw
Sep 17, home v EEU, Founders Field, 4pm
2-0 WIN
Sep 24, away v N. United, C&G Field, 5pm
3-0 WIN
Oct 1, home v Seneca Valley, Founders Field, 1pm
POSTPONED (field conditions)
Oct 8, home v Straub MVU, Founders Field, 2pm
3-2 WIN
Oct 15, away, CT United, Graham Park, 5pm
2-1 WIN
Oct 16, home, Seneca Valley (make up re:Oct 1), Century United Field, 3pm
4-0 WIN

PLAYOFFS (single elimination)
October 22nd, home, MVU, Round Hill Park, 3pm
4-0 WIN
November 5th, away, SC1966, Century Field, 6:30pm

November 12th

For further instruction go to:

The Simply Red Scare Collective says,
"You will learn to love us."


Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Expansion of TDFC...

    Yes.  There's a waistline joke in there, and normally there would be agreement perhaps.  In this case though, we're talking teams-type expansion.  Even more tribe to echo the beginnings of what we hope is an organization that is around for years to come, waaaaaay after the mud has dried on these boots- ya know?  Your Local Pub Heroes now have a Men's Open GPSL  team (The Young Lads) and an O40 team has been formed as well (The Old Boys).  Along with the O30 squad there has been created a three pronged system.  Neither Eastasia nor Eurasia will be able to withstand the might of the Oceaniac-like might of the TDFC Borg!

    We are also proud to introduce our new sponsor!  Newcastle Brown Ale has decided that we are worthy of their attention and so the 'Walk the Dog Alliance' has begun.  We hope to continue the relationship for years to come, so be nice and have a Newcastle or two every now and again!  That's The One and Only, Newcastle.  If enough of you dog walkers make a dent in some numbers, we'll ALL be styling!  Too heavy on the advert?  Freedom is slavery, chew on that then.

    It would be silly to speak of pub without thanking our benefactor as well for the opportunity to build a soccer club from scratch.  Because what we have at our public house is special.  It's that bond with a building that includes and exudes the personality within.  We thank The Ministry of Piper's Pub for the continued support and our aim is to represent our homebase well, on and off the pitch!  All hail the Pub!!!

    The home pitch for the O30 and O40 divisions will once again be Founder's Field in Cheswick, home of the Pittsburgh Harlequins RC.  We thank our friends for working with us so we can continue to play on the best pitch around!  Those rugby guys may have hard skulls and funny ears, but they are all right by us!  The U30 division will be gracing the hinterlands of Graham Park in Cranberry.  They're not so shabby out that way either. 

    It also behooves the writer to thank the TDFC Founders for getting this all off the ground and for helping to mold it into the shape of things to come.  Also all those whose input, opinion and work off the field has been integral in helping this grow.  Can we say we have fans?  Sure can, why not?  That Facebook thingy is pretty cool for this kind of stuff.
    Those that can, come out and support the matches, celebrate our victories and help us figure the setbacks.  It is the desire of all that helps this one idea, a vehicle for tomorrow.  Duty now for the future, Devils!  (Yer damn right that was a Devo reference!)

    In the past the Simply Red Collective wrote a pretty intensive game report.  With the added teams, you may find a more concise commie capsule: scores, maybe a high light or two, some names of young pioneers (not to be confused with the original Young Pioneer), maybe some photo's.  Hard to tell how this is all gonna take shape, but it'll be cooler than the other squads in the league that's for sure!  Exactly.

    So that's what's going on.  It's been a choppy ride these last bunch of months and it was difficult to keep up our end of the Blog Bargain (and it is a bargain), but life can be a little dicey- we'll try to be more on top of all the news, information, and good clean propaganda that you have come to expect from your Local Pub Heroes, Tartan Devils Football Club.  Schedules for ya as soon as we get 'em!  All hail!!!