Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Schedules for all TDFC teams!

TDFC "Young Ones" 
The 23's 2011 Schedule
May 8, home v TriBoro, Century, 4pm
3-0 WIN
May 15, home v FC Brah (Seton), TBD, TBD
May 22, home v Olympia SC, TBD, TBD
Jun 5, home v Internationals FC, RMU Island Sports Field, 1:30
3-2 WIN
Jun 19, away v Sewickley, Sewickley Field, 5pm
4-2 WIN
Jun 26, home v Montour, Lower Burkett Field (Montour), 6PM
9-0 WIN
Jul 10, away v Plum Mustangs, Larry Mills Park, 2PM
5-2 WIN
Jul 17, away v Oak Avalon, RMU Island Sports Field, 2PM
1-1 DRAW
Jul 23, home v FC Brah, Century, 1pm
4-0 WIN
Jul 24, home v Olympia SC, Century Field, 5PM
4-2 WIN
Jul 30,  PLAYOFFS, v FC Brah, Graham Park, 12pm
4-0 WIN
Jul 31 FINAL, v OAk Avalon, Graham Park, 12pm
3-2 loss

TDFC "Proper"
The 30's 2011 Schedule
Apr 3, away v Westmoreland, Turner Valley field #9, 5pm
6-0 WIN
Apr 10, away v EEU, Old Trafford field #2, 1pm
1-0 WIN
Apr 17, away v N. Franklin, FIELD CHANGE! Carson's Bottom Fields (Mc Guffey Youth), 5pm
3-1 WIN
May 1, home v Heidleberg, Founders Field, 5pm
May 15, home v FC United, Founders Field, 4pm
4-1 WIN
May 22, home v Westmoreland, Founders Field, 6pm
3-0 WIN
Jun 5, away v EEU, Old Trafford field #3, 1pm
3-0 WIN
Aug 21, away v Nikola Tesla, TBA, TBA
3-0 WIN, Tesla forfeit
Aug 28, home v EEU, Founders Field, 1pm
7-1 WIN
Sep 11, home v N. Franklin, Founders Field, 3pm
1-1 draw
Sep 18, home v FC United, Founders, 1pm
3-1 WIN
Sep 25, home v Westmoreland United, Founders, 5pm
11-0 WIN
Oct 2, away v Ohio Valley FC, Sewickley, 5pm
6-1 WIN
Oct 9, away v Heidleberg, Chartiers Valley Inter, 4pm
5-2 WIN

PLAYOFFS (round robin)
October 23rd- Round 1- v Westmoreland, N. Boundary Field, 11am

3-0 WIN
November 6th- Round 2- v Nikola Tesla, N. Boundary Field, 1pm

November 6th- Round 3
November 13th- Finals

SRSC says:  The information that formerly presented the 30's in First Division was planted by the contradictory beliefs of the organization known as PAWEST in collusion with the baying dogs of Allegheny United.  Because of their Thoughtcrime, they will not be sent to Room 101 as is procedure, but instead will be forced to deal with the decimation of the reality in their own heads.
    The Mighty Devils 30's are in Second Division and have always been in Second Division...
    "Who controls the past... controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

TDFC "Old Boys"
The 40's 2011 Schedule
Apr 9, away v EEU, Trafford field #2, 5pm
Apr 16, home v N. United, Founders Field, 2pm
4-3 WIN
Apr 30, away v Seneca Valley, Seneca Valley HS, 4pm
1-1 DRAW
May 7, away v Straub MVU, Round Hill Park, 6pm
May 14, home v CT United, Founders Field, 2pm
May 21, away v Fox Chapel, Harmarville, 5:45pm
3-0 WIN
Jun 4, home v SC1966, Founders Field, 6pm
3-1 LOSS
Jun 11, away v EEU (make up re:Apr 9), Trafford, 5pm
4-2 WIN
Jun 18, home v CT United (make up re:May 14), Graham Park, 6pm
3-1 LOSS
Aug 21, away, v EEU, Trafford, 5pm
4-2 WIN
Aug 27, home v Harmarville, Founders Field, 4pm
3-3 draw
Sep 17, home v EEU, Founders Field, 4pm
2-0 WIN
Sep 24, away v N. United, C&G Field, 5pm
3-0 WIN
Oct 1, home v Seneca Valley, Founders Field, 1pm
POSTPONED (field conditions)
Oct 8, home v Straub MVU, Founders Field, 2pm
3-2 WIN
Oct 15, away, CT United, Graham Park, 5pm
2-1 WIN
Oct 16, home, Seneca Valley (make up re:Oct 1), Century United Field, 3pm
4-0 WIN

PLAYOFFS (single elimination)
October 22nd, home, MVU, Round Hill Park, 3pm
4-0 WIN
November 5th, away, SC1966, Century Field, 6:30pm

November 12th

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The Simply Red Scare Collective says,
"You will learn to love us."


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