Thursday, April 28, 2011

Field Reports RE: Apr. 16 & 17

40's OLD BOYS, Apr. 16:
    Look-a-yonder and all hail!  The big black cloud did come to Founder's!  The conditions may have been muddled but necessity dictated the day play out in the proudly rooted grass of the brave pitch!
    The folly of nature's insidious Tupelo, not the efforts of plutocratic foe, nearly removed a sure win from the grasp of the stoic Old Boys division, having gone up three nil off of goals from the Peoples Martyr, Knotts G. Batterski, and Aaron "You Ain't So Hairy Jerry" Ruben.  With not but a minute to spare, the game winner came from a Glorious run made by Aaron "I Ain't No Jerry" Ruben, unselfishly fed from a comrade who chose to stay anonymous in the spirit of sharing for the common good!  All Glory to Pub Heroes one and all as distant thunder rumble and black rain come down*!

30's PROPER, Apr. 17:
    The land of banjos and road kill called, and Appalachia IS beautiful this time of year. Kudos to the foe for having a 3rd backup field, but no kudos for being the rural imperialist stooges of a broken colonialist system whose incessant tough guy posturing belied their weakness at the back, allowing the Young Pioneer, Paul Pot and the Brazilian Operative goals! 3-1 to the TDFC! Soggy pitch or not, near or far, from the More-lans of the West, from the tenement slums of Trafford, to the rolling rural foothills of the Laurel Highlands just down the road “a-piece” from what we could only best imagine as “Meths-berg, Pennsyltucky,” the TDFC Empire grows!
Photo by: Jag Schubert
TDFC Special Ops

*Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Report From the Trench, RE: Apr. 10

    The miserable tar of the battlefield managed to manifest the sulfur smell of muddy hell to go along with it's miserable state on a day where pleasantness hung in the air, but far above the troops of the TDFC 30's.
    The final of 1-0 belies future outcomes against the haphazard mongrel yips of an outmatched foe that calls misery home.  After managing possession for most of the day, The Young Upstart was able to wedge the ball of destiny out of the miserable muck, assisted only by the will of The People, and plant it in the net.  A flower now grows in Trafford.
Photo by Jenny the Riveter;
Ministry of Photography
and Future Generations. 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Midnight Missive, RE: Apr. 3

    The 30's Division of the Nation of TDFC took the initiative to strike first and strike hard on what will be a campaign like no other in the young history of our fine union.  The assault of a league has begun.
    A grey day turned ugly as a contest was shortened by the insidiousness of a scientology weather machine, but no matter as the unleveled playing field bore the brunt of an adjustment minded squad moving as one up and down the bumpy pitch.
    The list of heroes is long on the tally sheet with contributions from WMB Baldwinovich (2), The Young Upstart (2), The Young Pioneer, and the Goldsmith.  Helping assists in the 6- nil win came from Dear Leader and Wayne-ski.
    Refreshed, calm and strong is the way of the 30's, with rewritten histories and fictional past*, the mission simple.


*New Model Army     

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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