Friday, April 8, 2011

Midnight Missive, RE: Apr. 3

    The 30's Division of the Nation of TDFC took the initiative to strike first and strike hard on what will be a campaign like no other in the young history of our fine union.  The assault of a league has begun.
    A grey day turned ugly as a contest was shortened by the insidiousness of a scientology weather machine, but no matter as the unleveled playing field bore the brunt of an adjustment minded squad moving as one up and down the bumpy pitch.
    The list of heroes is long on the tally sheet with contributions from WMB Baldwinovich (2), The Young Upstart (2), The Young Pioneer, and the Goldsmith.  Helping assists in the 6- nil win came from Dear Leader and Wayne-ski.
    Refreshed, calm and strong is the way of the 30's, with rewritten histories and fictional past*, the mission simple.


*New Model Army     

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