Thursday, April 14, 2011

Report From the Trench, RE: Apr. 10

    The miserable tar of the battlefield managed to manifest the sulfur smell of muddy hell to go along with it's miserable state on a day where pleasantness hung in the air, but far above the troops of the TDFC 30's.
    The final of 1-0 belies future outcomes against the haphazard mongrel yips of an outmatched foe that calls misery home.  After managing possession for most of the day, The Young Upstart was able to wedge the ball of destiny out of the miserable muck, assisted only by the will of The People, and plant it in the net.  A flower now grows in Trafford.
Photo by Jenny the Riveter;
Ministry of Photography
and Future Generations. 



mark said...

Get stuffed you twit. EEU is a new team and they barely know one another and all you could muster was 1-0. It belies a future loss for you!

Simply Red Scare said...

"Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men."

The inane ramblings in this forum under Simply Red Scare Collective are nothing more than a stylized way to do more than merely report scores using the ludicrous vehicle of propagandist speech, sprinkled with dystopian scenarios crossed with pop culture and a smattering of punk rock ethos.

Fact and fiction are incidental, winning or losing afterthoughts to the blather of the spin: The mechanics of truthiness, used to be bigger than actuality.

It's all in the reporting pen name itself: Simply Red Scare Collective. A cross between 80's/90's English soul band Simply Red (English soul being very close to the oft referenced English Socialism or INGSOC from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four), Red Scare (the misplaced fear movements of the 20's and 50's), and Collective (obvious intonations). None of the components really scary at all, just a twitted combination used to harken the double-speak held within the format.

You and Charlie Sheen can win all you want. The Simply Red Scare Collective just gives The People something to talk about.

mark said...

Charlie Sheen! Fair enough old boy. I find your ramblings rather entertaining, so cheers and good luck to the Tartan Devils.

Simply Red Scare Collective said...

Luck to the Nation of EEU as well, comrade. Budem zdorovy!