Friday, May 6, 2011

Dispatch: Ministry of Information RE: Apr. 30, May 1

40's Old Boys, April 30th:
    The drone of electricity wires and hinterland stalwart desperation hung in air alongside the rotting carcasses of mercantilistic ventures on a day where the calvary arrived not too late, but just in time to give respite to the brave field of the TDFC Old Boys division!  The reinvigorating presence of calming comrades resulted in a well worked goal by the Red Benevolence from a throw in by Carlo Bandiera Rossa, deep in enemy real estate!
    Regrettably, the local lap dogs of the broken system chose turn a blind eye to atrocities committed in the waning minutes of the match!  Apparently the power to obscure rests literally in the hands of a keeper outside the boundaries of his rich acreage.  Lo! The heads of all are held high, whilst seething a 1-1 draw!  A real reign will come down upon the shuttered heads of the oblivious!  All Glory to the Devils of Tartan!

30's Proper, May 1st:
    May Day!  A new fire is lit for the hard workers of the Tartan Devils 30's!  And this day was no different in that regard as the forces of good shared the wealth of round ball distribution with it's many components of the squad. 
    The Nor-witchian color scheme of the kryptonic foes and the fickle way of a Jupiterian  forecaster bonded together to bring the Pub Heroes to the unsatisfying conclusion of a 3-2 setback of minor proportions, though the evasive quality of time was controlled by the Devils throughout the day.
    The clever grind of forwards led to the Young Upstart assisting the Young Pioneer on both tallies!  The support of all line brigades and Red Book instruction from the sideline lends to the clear path of Glory that is and always will be TDFC!
Photo by Jag Schubert, Ministry of Special Ops

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