Monday, May 30, 2011

Dispatch: RE: May 21, May 22

40's Old Boys, May 21st:
          On a rare spring day, the mighty Old Guard of the TDFC Collective invaded the sun baked steppes of Harmarville to take on the well-to-do dandies of Fox Chapel FC.  TDFC 4.0 used a three prong attack consisting of all lines of their formation to down the capitalist fancy lads 3-0.
    The defense held true, strong, and free against the sporadic advances.  The Minister of Virtue, the Minister of Benevolence, Iron Curtain Chris, and Killy stymied every chance taken by the opposition. So good was the back line, that when opportunity arose, the Minister of Benevolence was given the freedom to score, with help from one covert Agent 19!
    Not to be outdone, the midfield, while supporting the defense, also continued to attack with the front line.  KGB played an inspired game, as an unnamed muse cheered him on.  The oft mending Minister of Housing and, therefore, Reconstruction, delivered a heroic effort.  Playing through pain and foe, he tickled the twine, the assist from Alpha One Niner again!  Both November 17 and the Minister of Health played revolutionary football as they prowled the wings, keeping control.
    The front line embraced the Marxist theory of "Shoot At the Net and the Chains of Oppression Shall Be Broken", as they sent balls resembling Katyusha Rockets of old.  After a day of wealth distribution, Agent 19 furthered his equality by scoring, a reciprocating helper from the Minister of Housing and Reconstruction.  Sub Comandante Raul Zapata and the Minister of Martyrs pressed the day as well up top, the enemy dogs never allowed to let their guard down.
    A glorious day for the grizzled stalwarts behind enemy lines! Hail to thee, hail to thee, hail to thee!

30's Proper, May 22nd:
    The strange orb in the sky brought with it confusing heat, as the Great Jersey Debate almost became a tale of shirts and skins, but it was the most difficult part of the day; the perseverance of the TDFC Propers through humidity induced off sides, off passes, and off shots won the day 3-0!
    The kowtowed lackey's of a corrupt system brought their best, and through trickery and the compassion of the snarling overseers in yellow, kept it close, although the game was played around them most of the day.
    The defense held fast with a few self imposed trials thrown in for excitement, a clean sheet for one Minister of Street Justice left to his own solitude and devices for most of the day. Idle hands indeed!
    The eager mids in between smart volleys and aggressively won flighted balls, took the time to test each other, giving an expose on communication for the Devils Advocates on the sideline!
    A predetermined proletariat barter agreement between the Young Pioneer and the Young Upstart produced the first two goals, each with the other assisting.  The Young Pioneer added the third with a Paul Pot helper, to put any of the oppositions bankrupt theories of comeback safely to rest!  And boom goes the dynamite.

Photo's by Special Ops Jag Officer Schubert 


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