Friday, May 13, 2011

Ministry of Information Dispatch RE: May 14, May 15

40's Old Boys, May 14th:
    TDFC 4.0 traveled to the feudal hinterlands to do battle against the imperial, less than stout, Straub MVU.  Unfortunately, the day was not to go the way of the Methuselah Bolsheviks, as they suffered their first setback.  After controlling much of the action through the short passing game and ball control, the arsenal of communism fell victim to the light cleated antics of SMVU'S Greg Louganis.  The dive resulted in a goal that had head shaking worthy of disability.  Counter revolutionary wealth distribution ensued as the Politburo momentarily lost it's senses and a second gift was given to the imperial fops.
    Never ones to surrender, TDFC 4.0 fought back as Agent 19 used his powers of disguise, and for a brief moment, looked like a graying Messi as he powered a goal into the back of the net for the good of all.  As hope seemed to be diminishing the strong play of TDFC's primary ideologue had Big Brother point to the penalty spot.  But alas, Karl Mac's teaching failed to put the dagger of finality into the heart of the imperialist state.
    The burdon of the final is not on the Pub Heroes of the sunset, but rather rests on the shoulders of the oppressors as retribution will have it's day and the echoes of lamentation shall be heard throughout the valley! 

23's Young Ones, May 15th:
    The Young Ones, the pioneers of the TDFC future, took to the field of Century to wage their first campaign, on the unsuspecting invaders amassed from three boroughs.  The 'Tri Boro Alliance' did nothing but to fan the flames of resolve in the revolutionary hearts of the Young Devils!
    Karl Mac's guidance and tutelage taught the Mac Lads well as they contributed to the cause, a virtual 'Mac Trick'; the strong midfield and smart defense providing many opportunities along with a stellar save by the Hound of Baskerville.  Comrade Garrete from the Ministry of Correct Thought assisted his brother in arms, Travis, Ministry of the Interior, who sent one in on a wire.  B. 'Bunting' Bartek then proved the distribution of wealth theory by assisting Derek the Elder, who was just warming up, as he launched a second missile of grievous bodily harm minutes later with help from Comrade Strosser.  The 3-0 win is indeed a reminder to all despots and harmful alliances!  BE WARNED!  The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our football!


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