Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ministry of General Branding Information, RE: May 15

30's Proper, May 15th:
    While the Cruise-esque monkey wrench was taken to the righteous readiness of the Old Boys in the form of oppositional number faultiness; and the Young Ones steadfast, but at the mercy of evil land barons, the Propers were able to represent the Peoples Nation of TDFC in fine fashion, taking to the pitch proudly indifferent to the waning energy and perpetual Tom-foolery of scientology's wet weather mechanism.
    The foe, a so called FC Unt.©, whose generic moniker and off-brand potato chips belied the uninspired effort draped in black and white.  Comrade Adam AK-47 mowed down the competition early, as is tradition, unfortunately the counter-revolutionary officiating dictated a PK on the play.  Up 1-0, the generics© proceeded to leave acres of wing space for many a crossed ball into the center.  The Young Pioneer converted three of these opportunities from open play, his first ushanka-trick of the season!  Tommy Sickled and Hammered put in one more- a scrappy, bar room brawl, beautifully ugly rebound!  Helpers on the goals were from the Ministry of Street Justice, the Goldsmith, and the aforementioned smokeless Tommy S&H.
    No amount of duck speak from the opposition about Pub Hero placement or pot stirring on corners could make the difference as, through the downpour, the sun did shine on the Tartan Devils FC! All Hail the Pub!


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When will the Fall 2011 dispatches be available???