Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dispatch from the Fire Pit, RE: July 10, July 17

23's YOUNG ONES, JULY 10th:
    The high hinterheights of Plum Mountain begat the struggle against the sun stained royalty of the region.  The dry and arid playing surface purposefully set high upon a hilltop in order to wear down opponents and be as one with their bright, orb of a deity.  An opiate of the pruned masses indeed!
    The Young guns of the Pub brought their bench, and through smart rotation and hydration were able to beat back the purple crush of imperialism! The scoring was opened by opportunistic zip code management as Eric "Left Wing" Buhman was in the area to assume credit for the goal.  The next came from a Travis "Ministry of the Interior" MacKenzie header, who then proceeded to tally two more towards the collective cause.  Then Greg "Youth Brigade" Annan then added a score in the waning moments of the pompous empires' sun, essentially beheading the monarchial aspirations of domination, the final 5-2 baked into the record books.
     Let it be known that although others in this missive were named in the goal scoring Ledger of Equals, all tallies will be attributed to Eric "Broken Left Wing" Buhman in recognition of his zeal to show others the true meaning of collective effort and initiate Operation Mr. Mister!  While his rations will stay the same, the masses will sing songs of praise!

23's YOUNG ONES, JULY 17th:    
    The contentious heat did little to cool the old wounds from prior events before the TDFC 2.3's came into true being in their Year Zero.  Before their assimilation into the Nation of TDFC, some history books make mention of a proletariat firm known as Breadworks.  While this can neither be confirmed nor denied by the collective, it is accepted that they were allies in the struggle to stamp out the gutter dogs of imperialism and their ilk.
    It seems the Oak Avalon army remembered their foes regardless of what flag being flown.  Hard tackles and a short bench for both sides brought the fight to a mouth breathing standstill by the end of the day, a 1-1 draw the result.  The Tartan Devils lads own Dear Leader, Dan "Generalissimo" Morton notching the score off of a rebound from a smart free kick from Derek "The Elder Equal" MacKenzie!  In a show of grudging respect and to set the stage for a future meeting, the opposition was allowed to tie the game.
    While little is known about the northern foes of OA, besides the existence of a splinter group based on pattied meat, the Tartan Devils will be strong in their defense of suspected history and trophy! The Pub is Bond!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dispatch: Ministry of Information, RE: June 26

23's Young Ones, June 26:
    All hail the Tartan Devils Football Club!  The youth is getting restless, their revolutionary football proof of the cause!
    The TDFC 2.3's invaded the grey industrial complex of Montour, only to find a barbed wire Cretan maze awaiting their entrance, a ploy it seems by the short sided foes of the hinterlands to the east.  It seems Comrades Discharge would say it best as the opposition attempted to Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing-  given the logistical pitch plight- a corrupt policy to be sure!  The transgression would be realized by the absent overseers of the down side, as a 9-0 drubbing ensued.  A reminder to facilitate camaraderie in the future!
    Distribution and resource were spread across the board as the Devils helped the needs of all! The line: Minister of Telecommunications Coulson, 2 goals.  Minister of the Interior, 2 goals. Minister of Plenty Sochacki, 2 goals.  B. 'Bunting' Bartek, 1 goal.  Comrade KMFDM McKamish, 1 goal.  Minister of Correct Thought, 1 goal.
    The result will be recorded as it would have been odds on!  The might and glorious methods of the TDFC will perpetuate and absorption is inevitable!  Glory to Devils all!  Glory to the Pub!  

Dispatch: Ministry of Informational Learning Facilities, RE: June 18, 19

40's Old Boys, June 18:
    While a few CTU wore the Black Flag of disruptive qualities well, the gandy dancers of an over privileged side proved nimble enough to dance through the opiates of untruth, Great Pumpkinism and Refereeism.  Commonism in it's most common, not communal, form.  The Stepford Plains proved difficult to rally on; an unfortunate tithe was placed on the proles of our time!
    The baying dogs of Graham Park were properly kowtowed when Karl Mac's vision led to The Big German's understanding and a 1-nil lead was had.  A predisposed inclination to interpret the successes of the working class as inflammatory and dangerous had the expected outcome, as the bourgeoisie disavowed the hard work done by TDFC and waged a war using only their tears.  The scales of levity then tipped through an erroneous call on a righteous goal.  The weight of oppression too much to bare, the final outcome a farce; Just another skewed day in the epoxy based land of the strip mall! Bloodied but Unbowed, there will be a Redemption Song ringing in the ears of our generous hosts... !

23's Young Ones, June 19:
    It seems that dastardly Duckspeak is not limited to the Proper's and Old Boys, as the Young Ones had to filter through such counter-revolutionary psychobabble on their way to a 4-2 victory for the masses!
    The aged emperor captain of the bourgeoisie came masquerading in his finest nothingness, eager to show that he was anything but unfit for the job.  The clear minded 2.3's saw through the sham and unable to put up with the pretense, continued their assault on  materialism until the battered ideals of a naked king lay in ruins, a PK by his own fabrication as the bell tolled.
    Goals by the Minister of the Interior and the first on the year by the Annan Youth Brigade added to the strikes by the First Among Karl Mac's Equals, Derek the Elder!  Hail to the Youngers of the Pub, Glory to TDFC!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ministry of Informational Dispatch, RE: June 11

40's Old Boys:    
    The pock marked, multi-terrain question mark known as Trafford ominously beckoned as the seasons first meeting of a less than united Eastern Europe United and TDFC 4.0 came to pass.
    EEU brought Cold War tactics and faulty ideals, while the Glorious Heroes of the Pub brought a better brand of collectivism and stockpiled goals, not bombs!
    Agent 19 limited himself to only a couple marks on the day, redirecting a Knotts G. Batterski header into the twine and then finishing a smart lead from the Committee of Medicines' Room 101 Division.  The Big German sent shock and awe through the collective after sending home a powerful strike with help from the Minister of Defense.  The Bully Boys in stripes finally acknowledged the oppressive tactics of the EEU, leaving the Ministry of Martyrs to round out the days scoring with a Little Red Book example of PK finishing.
    The polit bureau has deemed further encounters appropriate to introduce the Newspeak necessary to address the oppression and urban decay EEU is experiencing through Trafford's Ministry of Plenty. May the Glory of Tartan Devils FC shine on all!