Monday, July 4, 2011

Dispatch: Ministry of Information, RE: June 26

23's Young Ones, June 26:
    All hail the Tartan Devils Football Club!  The youth is getting restless, their revolutionary football proof of the cause!
    The TDFC 2.3's invaded the grey industrial complex of Montour, only to find a barbed wire Cretan maze awaiting their entrance, a ploy it seems by the short sided foes of the hinterlands to the east.  It seems Comrades Discharge would say it best as the opposition attempted to Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing-  given the logistical pitch plight- a corrupt policy to be sure!  The transgression would be realized by the absent overseers of the down side, as a 9-0 drubbing ensued.  A reminder to facilitate camaraderie in the future!
    Distribution and resource were spread across the board as the Devils helped the needs of all! The line: Minister of Telecommunications Coulson, 2 goals.  Minister of the Interior, 2 goals. Minister of Plenty Sochacki, 2 goals.  B. 'Bunting' Bartek, 1 goal.  Comrade KMFDM McKamish, 1 goal.  Minister of Correct Thought, 1 goal.
    The result will be recorded as it would have been odds on!  The might and glorious methods of the TDFC will perpetuate and absorption is inevitable!  Glory to Devils all!  Glory to the Pub!  

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