Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ministry of Informational Dispatch, RE: June 11

40's Old Boys:    
    The pock marked, multi-terrain question mark known as Trafford ominously beckoned as the seasons first meeting of a less than united Eastern Europe United and TDFC 4.0 came to pass.
    EEU brought Cold War tactics and faulty ideals, while the Glorious Heroes of the Pub brought a better brand of collectivism and stockpiled goals, not bombs!
    Agent 19 limited himself to only a couple marks on the day, redirecting a Knotts G. Batterski header into the twine and then finishing a smart lead from the Committee of Medicines' Room 101 Division.  The Big German sent shock and awe through the collective after sending home a powerful strike with help from the Minister of Defense.  The Bully Boys in stripes finally acknowledged the oppressive tactics of the EEU, leaving the Ministry of Martyrs to round out the days scoring with a Little Red Book example of PK finishing.
    The polit bureau has deemed further encounters appropriate to introduce the Newspeak necessary to address the oppression and urban decay EEU is experiencing through Trafford's Ministry of Plenty. May the Glory of Tartan Devils FC shine on all!

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