Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Tartan Devils Football Club

    Been a while, but that's the way the Life Stasi works!

    The 2011 season ended well with the Young Ones (23+ Men's Open Division League) winning the Premiership Division, The Propers (30+ League) winning their division and moving back into the First Division, and the Old Boys (40+ League) winning the Fall Cup and moving up into the Premiership!

    Not quite sure how the blog is gonna be maintained, as time has worked against us as far as geting it together on a weekly basis with photo's, capitalist plots, etc.  A true Minister of Propaganda would do us wonders!  Applications accepted from like minded comrades anytime... But in the meantime, schedules can be put up if nothing else, eh?  Give 'em hell Devils!

As always though, current blurbs of info can be found at